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Saving History & Helping People

The Charitable Work of Adam's Naturals

10% of Profits go to Charity

10% of the profits from the sale of Adam’s Naturals Olive Oil Soap and Body Care will go to internationally accredited charities which help refugees and displaced families of all religions and nationalities in the Middle East. We also help support local women’s cooperatives, organizations that help victims of violence and facilities that treat the disabled.

Saving Ancient Soap-making Traditions

The wars and natural disasters of the 20th century have left only three soap factories standing out of the more than 30 that once dotted the area near Jerusalem where our soap is made. Because of this and tough restrictions on exports, the region’s manufacturing and agriculture based-economy remains in  a very depressed state. Each bar of Adam’s Naturals sold represents a step in our quest to preserve local soap making traditions and economically empower the impoverished people of this region.

It’s Not Just About Soap to the Salfit Village Women’s Cooperative

The charming, picturesque village of Salfit is located in the central Samarian highlands just north of Jerusalem. Its name originates from the Caananite period and means “basket of grapes” in their ancient tongue. Today, Salfit and the surrounding area is home to the largest local olive harvest. Olives are picked and crushed into oil, then delivered to the local Women’s Cooperative where some goes to make our Cold-Process Olive Oil Soap. Owned and operated entirely by local women, this cooperative also produces a number of other items for Adam’s Naturals, including our rich Olive Oil Body Balm and handwoven gift baskets. Working together, our project helps support dozens of women from Salfit and neighboring villages.