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Olive Oil Body Wash

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✔︎ Handmade by women artisans from a 19th century recipe ✔︎ Only 4 or 5 ingredients, just as pure as Castile bar soap ✔︎ Main ingredient is Virgin Olive Oil (about 80%, excluding water) ✔︎ Uniquely moisture rich yet smooth and clean feeling ✔︎ 10% of our profits support local charities

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Handmade by women artisans from only 4 or 5 ingredients: virgin olive oil, water, mineral salts, and wheat protein, plus natural essential oils (made from flowers or herbs). Perfect for the bath or shower; a soft and smooth feeling while hypoallergenic and perfect for those with skin sensitivities—gentle enough for infants. Our traditional recipe creates a Body Wash that lasts longer than the majority of products on the market. Certified Fair Trade (Fair for Life), 100% Vegan, and Not Animal Tested

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