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Discovering a Lost Treasure

How Adam’s Naturals was Born

Brett Young’s chance discovery of a lost, ancient castile soap in an exotic Jerusalem bazaar led him to found Adam’s Naturals in 2011.  Since then, our multinational team of artisans and socially-conscious entrepreneurs have developed an array of natural, healthful and indulgent fair trade products native to the Near East - some with recipes dating back to the 10th century.

We source from fair trade olive farmers and women's cooperatives of all faiths and nationalities and make our handcrafted products without politics or controversy. Our mission is to help depressed regional economies by working with local artisans and women’s cooperatives to make our products, while giving back to charities which help victims of violence and support economic empowerment in the Middle East.

When it comes to charity, there are no sides:
How we are helping in the Middle East

A Message from our Founder & CEO Brett Young:

As an American who has lived for years among Israelis and Palestinians and who has dear friends in both places, I believe that one day, peace will come. But until it comes, the most important thing we can do is what the world’s spiritual traditions teach us and what we all know in our hearts is right: help those members of our human family who need it most during these tumultuous times.  

That’s why Adam’s Naturals takes no side and supports no goal but feeding the hungry, caring for the disabled and giving a helping hand to those in poverty. We give generously to charities that support the families of victims of violence, feed needy children in refugee camps and help many others of all religions and nationalities. Because, when it comes to charity, there are no sides.